That's right ... as the headline says, we welcomed two sets of friends back into our lives last night. First and foremost, we got to see Dan and Steve. It felt like months since we'd seen them last so it was really awesome to have the guys over for a few glasses of wine and chatter.

The second set of friends were our good buddies at Cube 63. That's right, return of the champs.

I can't really remember what everyone had. I picked up:
- electric roll
- yellowtail and scallion roll

Meena had:
- lobster tempura roll
- shrimp shumai
- clinton roll

I can't remember the specific orders Dan and Steve made ... I remember a lobster tempura roll. Can't recall what else.

Anyway, it was pretty good. I didn't realize my electric roll came tempura style. That was a bit of a sad note. But everything else was on point. And the food really didn't matter as much as just getting a chance to hang with our friend-os.

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