Meena is the world's most awesome wife and she made that fact clear when I arrived home from class last night to an amazing pizza she'd whipped up coming out of the oven. I was tired and hungry and she came through in epic fashion with a pizza sporting a mountain of my personal favorites.

She rolled out a frozen dough we'd picked up from Fresh Direct and threw on:
- slow roasted pork butt
- korean bbq sauce
- marinara
- pineapple
- smoked mozzarella
- mozzarella

It was our first experiment with this new pizza dough and we were pretty pleased with the results. We decided we need to invest in a pizza stone and a pizza cutter. We've always just gone the pizzetta route so it hasn't really ever been necessary. But I guess ... it's time. It's time to get down with pizza culture and really do this thing.

Look for more pizzas coming out of this kitchen.

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