Well, I kept my promise. I said there would be more pizza and here it is. It's just such an easy weekday meal. You have this dough in the fridge and all you have to do is flour it, roll it out and top it off before throwing it in the oven for a few minutes. The most complex part, really, is assembling your ingredients. Meena was kind enough to do the chopping, slicing and dicing before I got home last night, so this couldn't have been any easier.

This time around, we decided to clean out the fridge a bit. We used:
- Meena's homemade marinara
- parmesan
- shredded mozzarella
- pineapple
- canadian bacon
- plum jam
- shrimp
- chives
- basil
- onion
- sea salt
- black pepper

I didn't start off with it, but I did add a little siracha after this sucker had been sliced up for service. I just needed the spice.

Another good one. We're gradually getting better working out the dough and I assume we'll only continue to improve.

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