So here's the first of the exciting ingredients I'd hinted at in the previous post. Well, full disclosure, this is the only one. But I guess I was thinking of the freezer full of homemade dumplings we have cooked up. So there's two. But mainly, I guess I was thinking about the slow roasted pork shoulder I had baking away in the oven.

I saw THIS recipe on My Husband Cooks and decided I had no choice. I had to make it.

I didn't have a shoulder as large as the one in the recipe. I think mine was about 4.5 pounds. I did the whole recipe ... salted overnight, baked for 9 hours ... I put in the TLC.

And it was worth it friends. It was so, so so worth it.

I think that I probably could have cooked it a little less. Given the smaller weight, I probably should have reduced the time by an hour or so. But whatever. It came out lovely. A little crispy on the edges, soft and succulent on the inside. The meat is subtly salty from that rub. I think I like that. Quite a bit, actually. I think it brings out some of the inherent pork flavor. Enhances it. If you will. At any rate, it was just awesome.

Meena says this is what we'll be making from here on out. No more pork butt. Pork shoulder is the only way forward.

Last night we did pork tacos. Just threw some salsa, sour cream, avocado and cheese with a couple flour tortillas. Oh, and some hot sauce. Lovely. Nothing beats carnitas. Nuthin.

NOTE:  If you go to the recipe page I mention ... make sure you read the comments.  Offended Southerners are the funniest.  Kudos  to MHC for handling the situation so tactfully.  I'm not sure I would have ... like the time that woman got all up in my grill for using grocery store hot dog buns!  


Anonymous said...

Hey Alec, It's Jaci. My husband and I braise and stew pork shoulder all the time-it is the best! I also love MHC! Hope you two are doing well.

alec said...

hey, Jaci!! We're great! Hope you are as well!!

Pork shoulder is officially the greatest thing on the planet.