In case you're wondering, that's only half of our pizza. I'm not sure why I decided to take a photo AFTER I'd sliced it in half, but that's what I did. It didn't feel odd then. It sorta feels odd now.

Anyway, we're pretty stoked about this development. We used our pizza stone last night for the first time and although we realized we need a paddle, we were very happy with the results. Not that I need to explain the benefits to you, fair readers, but the number this thing does on the crust is pretty spectacular. Crisp on the outside ... bouncy and soft on the inside. This thing is a winner, friends.

Nothing too wild on the pizza. Here's what we threw on:
- mozzarella
- pork shoulder
- marinara
- serrano peppers
- green onion
- parmesan
- mushrooms

The Fresh Direct crust worked out great, too.

The only addition I made once this thing had been cut and sampled was a bit of siracha. I just love it and can't really help myself. I need it on almost everything. It takes stuff to a different (delicious) level.

We'll be doing this weeknight delight again and again. It makes me exceedingly happy to report this.

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