Big weekend, folks. We started it off with laziness and much needed relaxation and closed the whole affair with an awesome Super Bowl party here at our apartment.

Friday night we had wanted to hit a new spot on Court Street but the wait was annoying and we decided just to head on home and order some Chance. Much better decision. Sitting around on the couch, watching Zach and Miri and mowing on:
- curry noodles
- sesame beef
- hot and sour soup
- pork buns
- oyster dumplings

Pretty awesome. I wasn't a huge fan of the pork buns, but everything else was nice. But you know, you have to try stuff to learn what you like at certain spots and what you don't ever want to enter your home again.

Saturday morning I made a weird mishmash breakfast. It included:
- spinach
- onion
- red pepper
- turkey
- olive oil
- egg
- marinara
- sea salt
- black pepper

I was worried it would suck but it surprisingly didn't.

Then lunch rolled around and Meena finally broke out that German meal she'd been promising me for a couple days. It included:
- kielbasa
- sauerkraut
- stone ground mustard
- rice
- brown sugar
- onion

Very, very good. She let this stuff simmer in a crock pot all morning and when it came out, it was awesome. It was a little sweet, a little salty, a little acidic. Awesome. Just a perfect balance of flavor.

Nothing notable about Saturday's dinner. Just a bit of meat and cheese from Jake Walk. We probably don't need to go back there.

Sunday morning, I made another breakfast. Just a little open-faced number:
- turkey
- marinara
- wheat toast
- egg
- green onion
- sea salt
- black pepper

Not bad. Not great. But not bad.

Next up was our Super Bowl feast. And a feast it was. I was very impressed with all our offerings and I enjoyed D's world famous sausage bread immensely. Man. That stuff is good. Here's the recap:
- Meena's low-fat queso dip
- Meena's low-fat chicken fingers w/ bleu cheese sauce
- D's sausage bread
- Meena's asian coleslaw
- My slow-roasted pork butt bbq
- Meena's puppy chow!

Everything was delightful. Meena didn't like the chicken fingers but I thought the one I had was pretty good. Sausage bread was dope. I loved the bbq but I think we were all pretty full by the time it came around. There's a lot left though, so you'll probably see it again here.

Anyway, awesome weekend. Sorry for the epic recap post, but I had so many highlights, I just had to get them all in there!

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