Although I had a mind to cook last night, I got home a bit late and Meena had just decided to call in some Zaytoons. Beat to the punch. But it's really no big deal. Because I didn't need to stress before another huge night of LOST and I got to eat Zaytoons for dinner. And if you know me, you know ... I'm not going to argue about Zaytoons for dinner.

Standard orders here. Zaytoons mix, shish kebab sandwich and chicken shawarma sandwich.

The meal had non-standard results, however. Above average quality alert!

I'm not sure what was up with the guys at Zaytoons last night, but we had what I'm calling the best Zaytoons mix ever. My shish kebab sandwich was top notch. Meena's chicken was just right. Not sure what was up, but we certainly appreciated the precision.

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