Well, we're starting off with delivery this week but there really wasn't any way around it. Until I get this class thing over with, it's just a reality. I get home too late, cooking is not in the cards.

Anyway, Meena was awesome enough to have some Joya waiting when I got home last night. A nice little spread of COLD items that weren't going to have any significant quality loss from sitting around a bit. Good idea, wifey. Good idea.

Earlier in the evening Meena had:
- chicken pad thai
- calamari

Alec had:
- shrimp summer roll
- thai beef salad

Meena reports that she enjoyed her selections and I was pretty impressed with mine. The summer roll was odd in that it was HUGE and came served with some dijon mustard. Sorta strange. I mean, I guess because we've now been to Thailand for a few weeks and made it our business to eat everything we could get our hands on in that great nation, I feel like I have a slightly higher level of awareness when judging Thai food. And honestly, that whole mustard with summer roll thing was a new one. But not a bad one. Not at all. It was actually delicious and went really well with the carrots, shrimp and that soft and chewy wrapper. Nice call, Joya. Nice call.


Anonymous said...

I love summer spring rolls, but aren' they vietnemese? the mustard sauce sounds interesting, but I would miss the usual peanut one!

alec said...

hey, burpandslurp! they probably are, but they seemed to pop up all over thailand when we were there. Never in this form though. Maybe it's like eating Mexican food in the US ... it's not really Mexican most times ... it's just a bunch of stuff that seems like it should be. Anyway, they weren't very normal but I did dig these!