Saturday morning. Man. Isn't it the best? There's nothing better than waking up and just lounging. Enjoying the sun pouring in through the windows. Eating food you probably shouldn't eat but you do anyway just because it's Saturday morning and you don't have to go to work. Or do anything. At all.

Yesterday morning Meena ran out to take care of a couple quick errands and came back with two lovely bagel sandwiches. Sandwich feels like the wrong term here but I guess that's what they are. Technically. Whatever. She came back with some lovely bagels from Bagels By The Park. She had an onion and I had an everything. Sandwiched between the halves of these wonderfully doughy breads were copious amounts of smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion and tomato. Mmmmmmmm.

For lunch we went wandering around the hood and wound up at Ted and Honey over by our old apartment. I may have mentioned it before but Ted and Honey can be a VERY stressful place. What we had assumed was just opening month jitters would end up being just general disorganization that seemed to rear its head every time we stopped by. And honestly, we just never wanted to go back despite the fact they have simply awesome food. Because we watched these guys transform our corner from a nasty old deli to its current charmingly hippy dippy space, we wanted them to succeed. We liked their mission. We liked that they made all their own stuff. We liked all the stuff they were selling. We liked their vibe. We liked to say, "Man, wouldn't it be cool to do this someday?"

But it was always so stressful in there! Orders seemed frantic, the physical layout seemed counterintuitive and there is something weird about the way you bus your own tables. Not that I mind taking care of my plate when I'm finished, there's just something stressful about where you place your stuff.

God. I don't know. Maybe I'm just too critical. Probably. But I guess I just WANT things to be better there because I like the idea of this place so much.

Anyway, my point of this long-winded rant is that when we stopped by for lunch at 4:00 on Saturday, there was NO STRESS AT ALL! In fact, it was totally rad. Smooth sailing. The clean up thing was still annoying. And the layout is still jacked. But because there weren't many people there, things just worked. And the food ... was glorious.

Meena had:
- the fidel (it's a cuban sandwich)

Alec had:
- the BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato)

Simply awesome food. My BLAT was one of the best I've had. Maybe ever. And Meena's Fidel had tons of pickles, cheese and luscious pork.

One hell of a lunch.

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