Sunday was a day we’d been waiting on for quite some time. It was to be James’ big surprise birthday party in Prospect Park and cooking (none by me) and preparation (some by me though admittedly very little) had been underway for weeks.

The payoff was amazing.

James was sufficiently duped and the whole thing came as a giant, friend and family filled surprise. The weather was amazing and as you can see, the food was both plentiful and exceedingly delicious. Just what you’d expect from Diana’s lovely mother.

I can’t remember much of the stuff featured in the spread. Not solid details. But I remember lovely pasta, pasta salad, cheese, nicoise salad, crackers, roast beef, chicken, caesar salad, olives, tuna salad, eggs, cupcakes, brownies, taco dip, cookies … man. The list goes on.

Happy early birthday to James. What do you say we do it again next year? Or maybe even next week?

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