I've said this before and I'll say it again ... our friend D is amazing. Like ... seriously amazing. She makes incredible food whenever there's a special occasion and actually, even when there's not. She's awesome.

That said, she rolled out the red carpet again for Meena's birthday! Early birthday, mind you. Super early. Her birthday isn't until the 15th, but we're gone the next few weekends so we thought it best to gather before and not after.

Anyway, look at that stuff up there! There was quick Korean chicken, stuffed artichokes, hummus, homemade pasta with fresh peas, scallops over avocado and shrimp with tomato and corn and that amazing dessert with incredible cream and berries.

Perfect. Just perfect.

And we also consumed about 8 bottles of wine between D, Meena, Dan, Steve, Matt and myself. Probably the lion's share going in my direction based on the fogginess I felt the next morning, but that's beside the point, right? We had a great time for Meena's early birthday!

THANKS, D! And also her lovely assistant, Mr. Naddeo.

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