I don't usually cover lunch on this thing but for some reason I had a photo of this and just figured I'd throw it up. I made a quick couple bites for us on Saturday afternoon while Meena was out running some errands.

I started on a quick salad:
- dressing (whole-grain mustard, olive oil, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar)
- campari tomatoes
- red onion
- mixed greens

And a pita pocket with tuna salad:
- whole wheat pita
- tuna
- garlic
- mayo
- apple and onion chutney (American Spoon Foods)
- red onion
- sea salt
- black pepper

The whole wheat pita was a bit grainy and rough, but the salad was nice. Both salads, actually. And there was even a little extra left over! Bonus.

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