I got home a little later last night but Meena was kind enough to run by the fish market and grab a bit of the fresh salmon for us. I just feel like it's better if we eat fish more often so ... yeah. That's all.

I didn't have any real plans last night, but Meena mentioned that we once made salmon burgers all the time back when we lived in the city. And she's right. We did. All the time. So given we've been digging up all sorts of our old favs as of late, we figured, why not the salmon burger?

I just threw the following in the processor:
- salmon
- garlic
- spinach
- soy sauce
- panko
- egg
- light mayo
- dijon mustard
- black pepper
- sambal oelek
- cucumber

Then I made up a little sauce for the top which wasn't really even a sauce ... it was just cucumber, black pepper and light sour cream. This sauce and a burger went over a whole wheat english muffin half and that was that.

Before I did any of this, Meena threw together one of her stellar salads with the following:
- field greens
- spinach
- bleu cheese
- cherry tomato
- dressing (sugar, canola oil, garlic, truffled salt, red wine vinegar and rice wine vinegar)

The burgers were awesome. Normally we just try to get these together with good old knife work. Using the processor is clearly the way to go. Clean up is a little more annoying, but whatever. Blending all that stuff together properly is the only way to go. I'm not sure what I've been doing all these years.

Meena's salad was, as always, very excellent. She's mastered that dressing, folks.

Anyway, awesome dinner. And I have one left over for lunch!

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