When Cinco de Mayo happens to be a disgusting, rainy, cold evening, how do you really celebrate?

You order Thai food?

I don't know. I guess that's probably not the best way of commemorating such an important holiday, but getting hammered in a divey Mexican restaurant probably isn't what the Mexicans of yore had in mind either.

Anyway, Meena had taco salad for lunch, so we just went with Thai. No biggie.

Meena had:
- pha ngan curry with chicken
- spicy noodles with shrimp

Alec had:
- a bit of meena's food
- pork salad

I picked at Meena's orders and I have to say - she did a fine job last night. The curry was spicy and sweet and just spectacular. The noodles were caramelized and spicy.


My pork salad, most importantly, actually showed up this time. That was great. And the taste was spot on, too!

So yeah. Weird Cinco de Mayo, but whatever. It was cold and nasty. We do what we want.

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