I think we're staying healthy. I think. We're trying to eat more fish, more salad, more stuff that won't make us fat and lazy and dumb. It's nice. And I think for the the most part, we're enjoying it quite a bit. I can't say it's completely different from how we normally eat. But you know. We're trying.

Anyway, last night Meena made up another nice salad:
- field greens
- campari tomatoes
- carrots
- bleu cheese
- dressing (garlic, sugar, rice vinegar, canola oil, soy sauce)

And when I finally got home, I threw together the steelhead we'd picked up at Fairway with a bit of olive oil and a tiny bit of Korean BBQ. We served the whole thing over some onions and spinach, also sauteed in a bit of the oil of the olive.


This was our first adventure with steelhead and I think we were fairly please. It's a little lighter than salmon but similar in flavor. Meena's salad was top notch. No surprise there.

So it was a solid effort. I'm glad we're staying on track. I'm happy we're eating well. I'm happy we're figuring out ways to make eating well taste really good.

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