Dan and Steve were heading to Fairway to do a bit of grocery shopping last night and because they offered to let us tag a long, dinner time became condensed into a very small window between the time I got home from work and when the dudes arrived at our door.

The dinner was divided into two parts. First, Meena got started on some fried rice:
- brown rice
- broccoli
- carrot
- onion
- spinach
- egg
- soy sauce
- siraracha
- chicken broth

And when I got home, I tore into the salmon. I just cooked it with a bit of olive oil in the pan and dripped a few drops of Korean BBQ sauce on the crispy edges as it finished in a 500 degree oven.

Delicious. The salmon was cooked just right. Crisp on the outside and silky smooth on the inside. The fried rice was just perfect. That heat from the siraracha was light but very much present. It was the best I remember brown rice tasting since ... well, since it did with our shrimp stir fry, actually.

Anyway, we got it all done. We ate, made it to Fairway, stocked up and ... went to bed. BIG NIGHT!

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