Sorry for the delay, folks. This week was ... well, it felt like it took a month to get through. We worked through the night on Sunday and then straight through Monday. And this was after a lovely (but tiring) weekend trip to Baltimore. So ... yeah. I just didn't have it in me to keep up this week. I had to recharge. Refresh. But I'm back and I have some photos that should bring everyone back up to speed on what we've been eating. Because I know the internet has been pining to find out what we've consumed.

Like I said, we were in Baltimore for the wedding of Madeline and Pedro and we got it started off right on Friday night at Nick's Fish House. Not really sure where it was, but it took our cab driver a minute to get there from the Inner Harbor.

The place was sorta weird. Sorta like ... spring break for an older crowd. They had a DJ. I'm not kidding.

But we had come for the crabs and crabs we had. We got a dozen of those lovely little blue suckers all bathed in a metric ton of Old Bay. We cracked and picked and dug our way through all twelve of those delicious little bastards and moved on to about a dozen east coast oysters on the half shell and a couple lump meat crab cakes. It clearly wasn't classy, but with a couple Miller Lights and Natty Boh's ... Meena, Jen, Geoff and myself felt like we'd had a rather authentic Baltimore experience.

Saturday was the big day and I have to say, this was one of the finer weddings I've ever had the pleasure of attending. Madeline pulled out all the stops and the reception at the Peabody Library was one of the most beautiful venues I've ever seen. Folks, my photos don't do it justice. If you've been there you know. If you haven't - let's just say it's just incredible. Six narrow stories of opulence and knowledge. Definitely Baltimore's finest hour.

The food was just great. We kicked it off with a gazpacho and greek salad combo (Mad is Greek and Pedro is from Spain ... natch). We moved into a lobster ravioli that left me wanting to literally lick the plate. The main course was a perfectly cooked piece of tenderloin, "Minnesota" rice pilaf and green beans. Did I mention that it was perfect?

We closed it down with some lovely wedding cake, lots of wine and a fairly obnoxious dance party.

I can't thank Mad and Pedro enough for having us - it was a very, very lovely affair. And what a couple? They're so lovely together and we couldn't be happier they've taken the next step in their lives. Enjoy Bora Bora, dudes. Thanks again for the hospitality.

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