This is a title I may use again in the near future because we just seem to be getting better and better each time we try this routine. Which is natural, I suppose. Practice makes perfect - and we're certainly interested in refining the practice of pizza making.

We got the oven super hot this time and I think that was the real key. The dough spent almost no time in the oven. But that extreme heat on the pizza stone for a short time gave it crisp outsides and bouncy, airy insides. Perfect.

Toppings went like this:
- marinara
- mushrooms
- spinach
- red onion
- worcestershire sauce
- soy sauce
- sea salt
- chicken sausage
- telaggio
- parmesan

We decided to try moving away from mozzarella and I couldn't be happier. The dude at Stinky Brooklyn recommended the telaggio and boy oh boy was he right. This stuff is pretty stinky and just a touch fruity when it's in the solid form but when it melts down into all the ingredients on the top of the pizza ... wow. That's pizza at a different level. That's future pizza. My taste buds were transported to 2015 and I'm happy to report that the pizza there is WAY better than here.

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