I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Mets game at the new Citi Field last night and I'm happy to report it was a delightful park and a lovely evening. The Mets didn't win, but that's OK. I'm not a huge Mets fan - I would have liked it better had they won - but it's not the end of the world. There's always tomorrow, Mets.

Anyway, I did what most people do at the ballpark - I had a Nathan's hot dog and a couple beers. Matt and I also split a pretzel which was still a touch warm. Matt said it best - warm to the touch, that's always a good sign.

Food looked pretty good throughout the statium, though. I think if I wanted, I could have ventured into some shake shack burgers or pulled pork sandwiches. I figured I'd just stick with the classics, though. I'm sticking by my decision.

Meena was at home and just ordered in a bit from Sezchuan Garden:
- shrimp with veg
- brown rice

I said very healthy when I heard her order but she claims it wasn't. Whatever - better than a hot dog and a beer.

Anyway, I'll try to check out Yankee Stadium next. I heard it's half theme park, half mall. And a little baseball thrown in on the side. But maybe that's just the opinion of jaded New Yorkers. Further reports to come later. I promise.

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