We're back in the saddle and cooking like champs. I think so anyway. I'm afraid our little salmon meatball spread up here might not look like anything to write about, but I promise, it was a pretty lovely meal.

I started in on the meatballs when I got in. Meena had prepped a bunch of stuff so the creation went pretty quickly. Here's what went in:
- salmon
- parmesan
- egg
- soy sauce
- olive oil
- worcestershire sauce
- garlic
- sriracha
- panko

And then I wilted a little spinach and sauteed some mushrooms with a bit of soy sauce and sea salt.

While the spinach was going down, I threw a bit of marinara in a pan just to warm it through. When it was all ready, I threw the whole meal on a plate and topped it off with a bit more Parmesan.

We served it all with a yummy little side salad Meena threw together - it featured:
- romaine
- red onion
- dressing (canola oil, garlic, rice wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, sea salt, black pepper)

The meatballs were perfect. Moist and packed full of flavor. I got the first batch a little burned, but I switched pans for the second round and it was a little better. I mean ... not really burned. Just a little crisp on the outside. Anyway, it was fine.

The marinara went so well with it all. It was like salmon with a tomato confit. Sorta. I guess that's me projecting greatness on a weeknight meal. But whatever. It was really good!

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