We both got home at a reasonable hour last night and we were dead set on getting dinner together in the kitchen with a couple ingredients we had around. Meena had seen a recipe for a shrimp Caesar she wanted to get into so we moved forward with that as soon as we came through the door.

Ours included:
- homemade crouton (whole wheat bread, garlic)
- romaine
- parmesan
- red onion
- shrimp
- avocado
- sea salt
- black pepper
- chicken sausage
- dressing (red wine vinegar, anchovy, mustard, olive oil, sea salt, lemon, black pepper, garlic and sriracha and worcestershire sauce)

Delicious. We got a little nervous the dressing would be too tart, but when incorporated across all those lovely ingredients, it came together perfectly. I looked forward to a shrimp in each bite and when I got those little bits of chicken sausage and avocado on the fork as well? Well, well, well - that was a pretty incredible bite.

I don't know if this was super healthy or anything, but it was super FILLING and I didn't want to snack or eat other stuff later. That's a winner in my book.

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