Meena picked up a bit of salmon Saturday afternoon and given the fact fish tends to head south in a fridge with the quickness, we decided to get it in a pan and fired up before the close of the weekend.

We had a couple ingredients that go great with this omega-3 goodness so this one came together lightning quick. I was actually surprised that it was on the plate and ready to rock in about 30 minutes, all told. Dishes like that are always winners in my book.

I started with a bit of the veg for the base:
- green onion
- shiitake mushrooms
- red onion
- rice vinegar
- garlic
- ginger
- sea salt
- black pepper

That all sauteed around with a touch of cooking spray and some water. Once that came off in went into a bowl to stay warm, I got the salmon searing up on the iron skillet. Just the simple old "season the pan, flip once" method. It just works so well!

I added just a bit of flavoring to the fillets when I fished them off in the oven ... a touch of brown sugar and a dash of soy. Just to give them a sweet, lacquered sheen. And, of course, a bit of punch in the flavor department.

I have to say, I loved this one. The charred veg gave this one such a lovely depth of flavor. And the silky salmon finished with that salty and sweet topping just complemented it perfectly.

It was a lovely cap to a long and laid-back weekend.

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