Oh, boy. I think that's a Jon & Kate Plus 8 reference. Or, that's where I picked it up, I guess. How terribly, terribly lame of me. But whatever. It happens.

Last night I rolled in late (as usual) and Meena had whipped up an incredible little shrimp curry. Right? Shrimp curry for a regular old Monday night meal? I'm lucky.

She used:
- shrimp
- brown rice
- red curry paste
- fish sauce
- green onion
- garlic
- carrot
- bell pepper
- spinach
- light coconut milk

Pretty awesome ingredient list, right? Well, no surprise, it yielded a pretty awesome little meal. I threw a ton of sambal oelek on mine to make sure it was spiced to the extreme. Just the right portion, just the right amount of rice to shrimp and veg. My wife is the best.

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