I guess that's the best description for these lovely little packages of flavor Meena envisioned yesterday. She said it was mu shu shrimp, and I suppose that's correct. We didn't have a couple of the ingredients that would have been required to officially call it mu shu, but whatever. This was our version.

We didn't have hoisin, so I made a little sauce:
- brown sugar
- honey
- soy sauce
- sriracha
- garlic
- rice vinegar

Then Meena started some veg on the pan. Those included:
- broccoli slaw
- white onion
- shiitake mushroom
- spinach
- yellow bell pepper

At the last second we mixed through a bit of shrimp and served the whole shebang up with whole wheat tortillas and lots of sriracha.

And ... I guess you have Chinese tacos, right? Maybe? I don't know. That's what we're going with.

Not bad, though. The spice went really well with the sweet, garlic-tinged veggies. And the whole wheat tortillas were really outstanding. I don't know what Trader Joe's is up to ... but they've done something special with whole wheat here.

These will return. Mark my words.

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