We got lucky at Fairway. Really lucky. As we were wandering through the aisles and dodging the droves of people doing the same, we happened upon something pretty awesome ... beef tenderloin for $4.99 a pound.

We picked up a few pounds and hightailed it back to Carroll Gardens. We'd had plans to make a pizza or something but when this new detail came to light, we had to regroup, you know?

Salad. Yep. We decided to bring back the super dinner salad we'd rocked last week and boy, oh, boy did it benefit from those lovely bits of steak!

When we got home, I marinated the steak in soy, garlic, ketchup, sesame oil, fish sauce and water.

A few hours later, we started grilling veggies in a mix of cumin, chili powder, sea salt and olive oil. Those veg included:
- red pepper
- red onion

Then we grilled up some shrimps in a similar spice mix and threw that tenderloin on the side.

While all that was heating up I got rolling on an avocado and Meena threw together her dressing (canola oil, garlic, rice vinegar, sea salt and black pepper).

Mix all of that through with some field greens and what do you have? Something pretty decadent. And one heck of a way to close out the weekend.

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