I'm very happy to report that the longest week in recent memory came to a delightful close, my friends. That's right, we were treated to one of the best meals I've had in a minute at the always awesome Brooklyn Fish Camp by none other than the lovely and amazing duo of Dan and Steve.

Dan had a gift card that he was itching to use and we were happy to help.

Aren't we lucky?

Anyway, earlier in the day, Meena had told me how much she wanted a lobster roll. I told her fat chance, pay day was a week away! But Dan and Steve came to the rescue and my wife received her craving on a perfectly grilled, buttered bun.

The dinner was spectacular. We started it off with a half dozen oysters on the half shell. They were nice and plump. Not sure what the variety was, but I'm reasonably sure they were east coast. Briney and juicy. Just perfectly decadent.

For the main course, I've already mentioned Meena's selection. Plump lobster salad thrown down the center of that golden hot dog bun and served with a heap of fries. Dan and Steve went the same way - I can't blame them. Mary's does one of the best we've ever had. And believe me, it's easy to mess one of these up despite its seemingly simplistic recipe.

I was the only one who strayed from the lobster. I gave it some thought and nearly went with it, but the spicy sardine sandwich caught my eye. Pickled veggies? Check. Fried, spicy sardines? Check. Grilled bread and a salty salad of greens and onions on the side? Check.

Sounds like my perfect meal.

And oh was it ever. I think I may have dreams about this one. It's easily one of my new favorite things. And at 14 bucks, I think I can probably swing it from time to time. Exciting times, friends. Exciting times indeed. When you have a new favorite sandwich, life is just glorious.

So that was that. Thanks again to D&S - incredible meal, friends. Thanks so much for including us!

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