I was supposed to be camping this weekend but due to the rain, we called the trip off and postponed until July. We should probably have some better luck with the weather then. Let's hope.

Anyway, because I was chillin in Brooklyn instead of dodging rain in a tent somewhere in Pennsylvania, I decided to make Meena a bit of breakfast.

I figured, why not just try a GIGANTIC EGG SANDWICH? Because, honestly, who doesn't love a gigantic egg sandwich for breakfast?

If I recall, the list went a little something like this:
- egg
- yellow bell pepper
- red onion
- marinara
- sriracha
- fish sauce
- jalapeno jelly
- mixed greens
- olive oil
- sea salt
- black pepper
- parmesan
- whole wheat bread
- chicken sausage

So I grilled the peppers and onions and mixed them through with the marinara, fish sauce, jelly and sriracha. It gave them a hearty little kick. Some tomato goodness and a hint of spice.

The greens got tossed with the parm, sea salt, pepper and oil. Like a mini salad serving as the sandwich's ground floor. I like.

Then I just grilled off some bits of chicken sausage and a couple eggs and there you have it. A gigantic egg sandwich that was really, really good. One hell of a way to get the weekend going in the right direction.

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