Meena had to drop off some stuff for a shoot in Williamsburg and because it was a giant garment bag full of who knows what, she enlisted the help of Dan and myself to see that it made it over there in one piece. Not a problem, because I knew that once in the heart of the hipster, I was going to check out something I've ignored for too long - hipster bbq.

Fette Sau is this bbq joint in that neck of the woods that we've always meant to try. I guess I always sort of dismissed it as yet another NYC attempt at replicating authentic customs from the rest of the country in hopes of appealing to this town's neverending love affair with all things ironic. But we read about the Sau in some magazine touting its grub as solid cooking, so we figured it was time to see what it was all about.

We started with a big old growler of some wheat beer.

So far, so AWESOME.

Then we got our tray of meats and sides. The damage went like this:
- 1 lb. beef brisket
- 1/2 lb. pork shoulder
- 2 x spicy pork sausage
- small baked beans
- small potato salad
- rolls

I have to say, I was pretty disappointed in everything but the brisket. The pork was dry. Dry, dry, dry. As a bone. The vinegar and bbq helped, but it was obvious it wasn't a home run. The brisket, on the other hand, was awesome. Moist and full of flavor. Just delicious. I could have eaten two pounds.

The beans were burnt. And not in a good charred flavor way. Just straight burnt. The potato salad was meh. The sausage was just sausage. Nothing to write home about.

In the end, it wasn't awful. Not at all. I mean, bbq is always good. Even if it's just OK bbq. But I was still a little disappointed. I wanted it to be better. But whatever. I mean, I'll go back again. Maybe one more time just to see if last night was an off night. But after one experience, I have to report, just so, so, Fette Sau.

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