And so the end of the weekend finally rolled around. You never like to see the clock strike 7:00 or so on a Sunday night because it means all your lovely lounging around time is quickly coming to a close. But for me anyway, the only thing that makes it a little better is whipping up something in the kitchen. This Sunday night we went with the fattest salmon fillet I've seen in months.

I started with a little base for the salmon to preside over - a bit of broccoli slaw we picked up at Trader Joe's. Just julienned broccoli and carrot. I added:
- fat free sour cream
- cayenne pepper
- lemon juice
- sea salt
- black pepper
- red onion

And then I tried replicating the glaze I'd used on the perch a few night earlier:
- jalapeno jelly
- soy sauce
- garlic
- sriracha
- whole grain mustard

I seared these fat boys up on the stove then finished them in the oven with the glaze. The results were pretty darn good.

The slaw was creamy but laced with this subtle heat that added a touch of complexity. I love this slaw - the crunch of the carrot and broccoli. I'll be buying this stuff again.

The fish was, despite it's unusual thickness, cooked perfectly. I let it languish in the oven a little longer than normal and I guess I pulled it out right at the perfect moment because both fillets were cooked just right.

A strong effort to close the weekend if I do say so myself. Now back to the work week. With any luck we'll have a few fun things to share in the coming days. I definitely have a mind to cook with some regularity this week.

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