I got home (surprise) late last night and because Meena had a work function to attend, dinner was in my hands. I gladly accepted the challenge and got rockin' and rollin' on a pizza and a quick salad as quickly as I could.

It was too late to stop and get fresh greens from the store so I just used what was in the fridge for the side:
- cherry tomato
- red onion
- mozzarella
- anchovy
- black pepper
- red wine vinegar

And then I threw together the pizza with the quickness:
- chicken
- mozzarella
- marinara
- red onion
- roasted red pepper
- black pepper
- dried basil
- garlic

The crust was probably the best crust we've made yet. Bouncy yet crisp on the edges and firm through the center. Just right. The toppings lacked a bit of flavor but we threw on a little sriracha in the eating phase and it took it to the proper place.

The salad was surprisingly excellent. The anchovy balanced out the fire of the onion and the acidity of the tomato and vinegar. And the mozz cooled it all down and mellowed it all out. Who knew? I just threw together stuff from the fridge but this one worked out like a champ.

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