I'm not sure how we managed to do this, but somehow we really worked out an incredible salad last night. I'm not a big fan of the dinner salad. Honestly. It just never feels like enough. It might taste good, but so often, you wind up digging through the pantry an hour later.

Well, this one was equal parts satisfying and filling. Meena and I teamed up on a good one here, dudes. A good one that'll probably make a comeback or two.

We started with a bunch of veg on a hot, hot pan:
- red onion
- yellow bell pepper

I mixed those lovely bits with a bunch of chili powder, basil, cumin, sea salt and a bit of olive oil. The went on the pan and sizzled and stewed for a bit.

Then I mixed through some halved shrimp with the same seasoning mix and a bit of sriracha and added them to the same pan and killed the heat.

While the shrimp warmed through, I sliced up some avocado and Meena toasted up some whole wheat pita and made a bit of a dressing:
- canola oil
- garlic
- cumin
- rice wine vinegar
- sea salt
- black pepper

And at the end, we threw it all together over a romaine mix and plated it up.

Whew. What a salad. Creamy avocado, spicy peppers, onions and shrimp. And that nice and crispy/chewy pita. Fantastic.

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