My wife is the best. I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it. In fact, I'll yell it when she whips up delicious stuff like this incredible shrimp curry.

She's tried this one before and I'm happy to see it make a comeback in a slightly different execution.

This time around she threw in:
- shrimp
- broccoli and carrot slaw
- light coconut milk
- onion
- brown rice
- soy sauce
- rice wine vinegar
- sodium-free chicken broth
- corn starch
- garlic
- spinach
- sambal oelek

Whew! I spiced mine up a touch with some sriracha and boy, oh boy. This one had that rare combination of making me feel exceedingly full while remaining completely satisfying.

Oh so awesome. Meen, I'm going to request this one again, too. Beware!

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