Admittedly, this was a bit of a weird one for us. One, I used perch. Not that perch is weird, we just haven't ever used it. I don't know why. I don't know why I tried it this time, either. But I was curious. And I'm glad I was. But more about that later. Two, I served this over a little tomato and onion salad. Weird. Probably won't do it again. But I don't know. It wasn't bad. Worth a try. Anyway, that's sorta why this one was weird.

So I started with the little salad that went down on the plates:
- campari tomatoes
- red onion
- olive oil
- black pepper
- sea salt
- rice wine vinegar

And then I whipped up a little glaze for the perch:
- jalapeno jelly
- whole-grain mustard
- sriracha
- soy sauce

I slathered that mix on the fish and threw it under the broiler for a few until the top was all crisp and the fillets were cooked through.

Meena also made a lovely salad featuring:
- campari tomatoes
- field greens
- avocado
- red onion
- dressing (canola oil, garlic, rice vinegar, sea salt, black pepper)

So ... the results were pretty good. I loved the perch. A lot meatier and firm than I had anticipated. Sorta like a poor man's halibut. REALLY poor man's halibut. But still. Similar in some ways. The topping was the real kicker though. A little sweet, a little spicy. Very delicious.

Meena's salad was the bomb. The avocado was decadent and went well with that raw onion bite.

I think we'll try this one again - we may have a future with perch!

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