These salads are becoming a staple for us, right? I know it's weird and they don't always look so incredible in photos, but I promise, these dinner salads we've been whipping up have been excellent. With little exception, really. Lots of great ingredients usually spell dining success.

This effort featured the following mix:
- red bell pepper
- white onion
- avocado
- seafood mix (squid, scallops and shrimp)
- dressing (fish sauce, garlic, brown sugar, canola oil, sriracha and lime)
- leaf lettuce

You know, I was skeptical of the Trader Joe's seafood mix. It looked puny when we threw it in the pan. I figured it would be rubbery and tough, but I'm happy to report I was 100% wrong. The diminutive size was just right for the salad and every bite was pretty spot on. The squid was almost perfect. And that never happens.

Solid effort. It doesn't look all that special in the photo above, but again, trust me - this one was rich (avocado) and full of sweet and salty flavor (dressing) while somehow managing to feel a bit light (seafood?) at the same time. We'll make it again.

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