Despite its weight, Meena and I managed to get the lovely grill pan we received for our wedding in our suitcase on Sunday afternoon. After months of salivating over this awesome piece of iron, we finally have it in Brooklyn ... and we couldn't wait to break it out.

We decided to fire this sucker up (after we cleaned it) and throw a bunch of veg and shrimp on for some more of those awesome Asian tacos. These featured:
- red bell pepper
- white onion
- spinach
- shiitake mushrooms
- shrimp
- sea salt
- black pepper

We served these lovely, charred ingredients with some lettuce wraps and our last two Trader Joe's whole-wheat tortillas. I also whipped up a sauce that featured:
- ginger
- garlic
- honey
- soy sauce
- sriracha
- sesame oil

Pretty fantastic, folks. The grilled veg had all those lovely grill marks and wonderful charred flavors. The sauce was a little spicy, a little salty and just a touch sweet. Everything we love in this house.

We're glad to be back (though we miss home a lot) and even happier to have our grill pan. Expect to see more grilled goodness throughout the summer!

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