When I wished James a happy America Day he told me to "stay cheesy in the weezy" and I thought that was kinda funny. You know, because Meena and I were in Milwaukee. And Wisconsin is famous for their cheese and all.

Anyway, I'll be brief about our journey through all things awesome in Brookfield and Milwaukee and Elm Grove for a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

We started off our eating adventures on Thursday night at Mitchell's for a bit of seafood. Meena and I split some lovely east coast oysters and a big ol' lettuce wedge with some thousand island. Decadent. And awesome.

Meena moved into a Shang Hai sampler - salmon, scallops and shrimp with some sticky rice and spinach. Not bad. I had some blackened whitefish. The cajun spice and the flakey whitefish went together wonderfully.

Friday afternoon we got down with a delicious picnic in the park. Mrs. Roell manned three baby grills that produced a metric ton of hamburgers and hot dogs. We threw on some potato chips, potato salad and a bunch of bananas to make it one spectacular Friday afternoon.

Friday night we went down to Milwaukee for one heck of a spread at the waterfront hotspot, Coast. The place was peppered with gourmet stations featuring roast chicken, gyros, brats, ribs, sliders and corn. I sampled ... a few of those. Though due to over-indulgence, I'm not at liberty to divulge the exact combination of eats.

Saturday night we finished off a lovely weekend with some more fireworks in Elm Grove. Nothing too fancy on the food front - just a Miller High Life and a burger from the Rotary Club stand. But what it lacked in fancy, it more than made up for in the taste department. Those dudes made a nice burger.

Another incredible weekend in Milwaukee. Not that it's ever a surprise. It's a great city and our family is the best. We're probably going to make another trip back this summer if all goes well - and we can't wait!

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