I was at a little after work event last night and while I was away, Meena got going on a whole-wheat pizza spectacular.

She's not often the one handling the dough when we make pizzas so according to her reports, she struggled a bit to get it in the right shape. No biggie in my personal opinion. As long as it cooks, the shape is irrelevant.

When it came time to top this sucker, she threw the kitchen sink at it. We got:
- chicken jalapeno sausage
- shrimp
- smoked mozzarella
- marinara
- yellow bell pepper
- onion
- spinach
- broccoli

It's funny because looking back at this list, it doesn't seem like a ton of ingredients. It's not, really. I guess it was just the quantity of the list. Because this was a STACKED pizza, friends. Eating two slices was like eating half a pizza. And it was awesome.

I threw a bunch of sriracha and sambal oelek on mine as well and the spice really helped tie everything together.

Fantastic pizza from my lovely wife.

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