So the next item of the evening was Meen's second foray into a recipe we read about in Shape on our flight home from Indy. Last night we did it with shrimp. Tonight she stayed true to the recipe and kept it real with the scallops.

And the ingredients are:

- sea scallops (half pound)
- chicken broth
- soy sauce
- garlic cloves
- teaspoon of soy sauce
- red pepper flakes
- shitake mushrooms
- bok choy
- sesame oil
- udon

Sometimes we take note of the measurements we’re using, but more often than not, it’s just instinct and taste. I’m not going to tell you to use three garlic cloves rather than two. Who am I to tell you how much garlic tastes good to you? Who am I to tell you how to cook? The purpose of this thing is just to tell you what we’re eating, anyway.

Moral of the story? This was pretty delicious. Even though it’s a Monday, the scallops were nice and Meena seared them well. I added red pepper sauce because I need stuff to be hot. I think she used less. This isn’t that bad for you and 20 minutes after dinner, I’m not rummaging through the cabinets looking for desert. Success.

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claudia said...

ok - i'm starting from the bottom and reading up. i love this recipe. light and easy. i'm going to give it a whirl - we eat a lot of scallops around here. also - i saw that you had linked to me. wow - i am so excited because i feel like a blogger loser but i'll figure it all out. but anyway - i changed the name of my site to cook eat fret from a history of dinners which is now the tag - also the url is now www.cookeatfret.com so if you were so inclined to stay linked to me then perhaps you could be so kind as to just change it up and i will try and stay worthy of being on your list... the end by claudia