Oh my. We've found a winner.

While we were rolling casually through the Lower East Side, we came across some kids buying sorbet from this dude on Delancey Street. It was just a random cart manned by a guy who didn't really speak English right outside the Duane Reade.

Well, Meena wanted some. I figured, why not?


Meena had some rainbow sorbet and I had the coconut.


I'm not really sure what it was. I'm not sure where this man came from (heaven, obviously) or where he gets this stuff, but I'm probably going to crave it every day for the remainder of the summer.

The best part was that it only cost 2 bucks. Total. A dollar for each! I quickly gave homeboy two more for his troubles.

This may be some standard operation I haven't come across in my time in NYC. If so, I'm not sure how I've missed this stuff. It's made of dreams and rainbows and love and happiness!

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