Saam. Wonderful, delicious, Momofuku saam. Last night Matt and I had discussed at length our intention to have some late night saam, but Miller High Life had other plans for me.

But even though I went with the gyro last night, my saam craving was not satisfied. There was no way I'd be able to go on with my day sans saam, so we decided we'd head to 13th and 2nd just as soon as lunch was served.

An odd side note ... we actually ran into Matt on our way there! He was on his way to a NY Times event. The world is funny sometimes.

Anyway, Meena had:
- chicken saam (with a host of things that I can't remember other than extra red kimchi paste)

Alec had:
- original saam (with all the wonderful pork, edamame and shiitake's I love so much)

Amazing. I was so full at the end of it. Thank goodness we walked around the neighborhood for hours afterwards. I needed some exercise to counteract all that consumption.

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