I had to run by a photography exhibit tonight so the idea of a home cooked meal was starting to fade. But Meena had picked up a bunch of great ingredients and I had a really simple dish in mind, so we figured it would probably be faster (and more delicious) than just calling in one of the old delivery favorites (and it was!).

Meena got started on this delicious reuben lavash before I got home. Folks, not only did it smell great, this thing was just exploding with delicious reuben flavor. From time to time, Meena just craves a good reuben. Last night, she took matters into her own hands and whipped one up.
- lavash
- thousand island dressing
- swiss cheese
- sauerkraut
- roast beef

She did a really nice job with it. I think she also found the perfect method for the lavash. Unlike the tortillas that do really well on a skillet, these bad boys are meant for the oven. Nice, crisp and melted through.

When I rolled up, I got it going with a little salmon dish that I'd made a couple other times back in the day. When cherries are bursting off the store shelves, I always start to think about this balsamic sauce.
- cherries
- balsamic vinegar
- sesame oil
- black sesame seeds
- salt
- black pepper
- wild king salmon fillets
- asparagus
- white wine
- roast beef slices
- butter

Niiiiiice. I probably could have cooked the salmon a touch longer for Meena's taste, but I like mine a little undercooked. Not raw or anything, but I hate it when a salmon fillet goes too far. The asparagus stems should have been trimmed a little further. Got a few tough bites. But other than that, this one was a dream. Wonderful flavor. Wonderful ingredients.

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