Hey dudes. I had an annoying day at the office today so my bad for being all slow to update and stuff. But here I am with some Lil' Frankies science to drop on you.

That's right. Wednesday night was a Lil' Frankies eve. We needed it. We just needed to get out of the house and hang in the hood. And Frankies was it.

Meena kept it real with:
- rigatoni with baby meatballs

Alec went straight to the:
- pizza marinara

Awesome. To-tally. There was this Atlanta sorority party there that got a little out of hand for a few minutes, but they cut out and it went back to the normal Lil' Frankies.

When we move to BK, this is going to be missed like some Tartine. Expect this to pop up a lot more this summer.

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