There was this sign on the microwave in our finance department at work that said, "No Seafoods." It always made me laugh. I was back there getting a check yesterday and noticed it was gone and it was sad. There's really nothing back that that's funny now that the sign is gone. Maybe I'll make them a new one.

At any rate, last night was a celebration of sorts, so we hit Whole Foods for some assorted seafood.

Meena got us started with a delicious little shrimp cocktail. Nothing fancy, just delicious shrimp and some cocktail sauce.

My failure of the evening was a version of the first post that ever appeared on MOAP:
- smoked mussels
- olive oil
- red onion
- garlic
- homemade pesto
- panko
- butter
- fresh basil

And my success included:
- wild salmon
- homemade cherry marinara
- black sesame
- olive oil
- egg
- salt
- black pepper
- panko
- roasted poblano
- red onion
- garlic
- poblano cream (roasted poblano, sour cream)
- field greens

We were disappointed in the mussels. They ended up dry. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but it could have been an absence of enough liquid and maybe a minute too long under the broiler. I'll work on that.

The salmon cakes were nice. The poblano cream was still a little hot for Meena. I tried to keep it a little cooler with poblano vs. jalapeƱo, but it was still too far. I'll try garlic cream next time. But other than that, I think we both really liked the little salmon cakes. I even have one for lunch today!

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