Last night we had nothing to do. I mean, that's not totally accurate. There were things we probably should have done, but we were just so tired of it all, we decided to have some Zaytoons and a nice bottle of wine.

I read this article about food bloggers being annoying in restaurants and it had me a little spooked. And I didn't take photos last night. In hindsight, I realized I don't care. I won't let that affect my photo taking in the future. At any rate, you get a recycled shawarma photo. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

So for our little patio dining experience, Meena went with:
- shawarma platter with hummus

And Alec had:
- shish kebab platter

I don't know if I can go back to shawarma after trying the shish. It was amazing. Beautiful. Tender meat, charred veggies, hummus. Man. It was pretty much perfect. Meena's shawarma was amazing and I'll always love it, but I think I have a new regular. No doubt.

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