It's been a minute since we've done a big breakfast like this, but Meena made the call this morning and it was bagels or nothing. We hadn't done the bagel thing since the East Village, so after making her promise to play basketball with me after, we were off to Court Street Bagels.

The line was long, but we made it out with some good old NY treats in our brown paper bag. Meena had:
- onion bagel with baked salmon salad, red onion and tomato

Alec had:
- everything bagel with whitefish salad, red onion and tomato

Although my everything ingredients ended up a bit on the burnt side after a pass through the toaster, I still enjoyed it quite a bit. I mean, whitefish salad slathered on pretty much anything is going to be good.

I had a bite of Meena's and actually liked hers more. The salad was a little more complex than my whitefish. I know that sounds odd considering they were just whitefish and salmon salads, but it's just the truth.

Anyway, off to a day of exploring in Dumbo.

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