Thursday night we ran by Dan and Steve's for a little TV and sushi. They're going to be in Buffalo for a wedding (and then Dan's off to Milan) so we figured we needed to stop by or it might be minute before we saw them again.

Dan got us started with a wonderful cheese plate. Three cheeses, poppy seed crackers and red grapes. Bravo, Dan. Bravo.

After that, we consulted their box of delivery menus and we all decided on sushi from the local Nana. I really can't remember what the boys had, but I had:
- maki plate (california roll, eel roll, tuna roll)

And Meena had:
- shrimp tempura roll
- spicy tuna roll
- o'dean roll (some sort of spicy salmon tempura thing)

Nana isn't the world's finest delivery sushi, but it's solid. My order was filling. A little sweet. Nice. Meena seemed to enjoy hers. I know we were both VERY full at the end.

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