While I was watching some football yesterday, I decided I should be productive in the kitchen and make a little roasted chicken. I mean, what's easier than seasoning some birds and throwing them in the oven at a low temp for a minute and just forgetting about them? Nothing. So that's why I did it.

I stopped by the butcher and picked up a couple bone in chicken breasts and added:
- lime juice
- salt
- black pepper
- olive oil
- tandori spice mix

When it was all roasted and done, I stripped the skin and bones and shredded the meat. I tossed it with a little bbq sauce and that was that.

And because I loved it so much last time, I mixed up a little cucumber and onion salad to go on top:
- cucumber
- white onion
- salt
- white vinegar
- black pepper

Nice smoky bbq with some cucumbers bursting with a vinegar bite? Awesome Sunday lunch.

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