Last night we ran over to James and D's house for some baseball/football/fun and as the night was winding down, food was suddenly in front of us. I didn't even totally realize D and Meena had migrated from the wedding dress station to the kitchen, but they did. And when the food hit the table, I was very glad this happened.

D had been in Connecticut with her mom earlier in the day and returned with a substantial spread of grocery store goodies. Her massive savings on pasta was passed on to us and we were treated to magical bowls of warm, hearty Italian.

I'm not sure exactly what went into this, but I seem to recall broccoli, a pasta whose name I'll likely never remember, cheese, tomato sauce, beans ... amazing.

There was also a healthy bowl of "pizza bread" and a nice little side of sauce for dipping.

I left totally stuffed and unbelievably happy.

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