This is becoming one of those dishes we just have to make every month or so. True to my method of cooking, it's rarely the exact same, but the flavors are consistent.

One of the primary differences last night was the seaweed. I couldn't find the dried Korean kind anywhere. And when I did, it was at this Korean bodega who obviously doesn't move much inventory in that department. The bag looked like it had been around for a good four or five years. As a backup, I just bought some prepared seaweed salad. I know it's sorta cheesy, but I do really enjoy this stuff.

Meena picked up some salmon on her way home and we were off with the following:
- salmon
- seaweed salad
- salt
- shiitake mushroom
- red onion
- garlic
- rice wine vinegar
- wasabi mashed potatoes (yukon golds, fat free milk and salt)

Matt let me borrow this little book called Heat and in addition to it being a nice little recap of Mario Batali's life, it's also offers some helpful tips from Babbo and other kitchens around the world. One of the tips was on cooking salmon and how you should always season the pan (not the fish) and turn the fillet only once to release the juices. The salmon should cook in those juices, not added oil. I gave it a whirl and I must admit, it was a pretty solid method.

Again, this wasn't an exact replica of our previous efforts, but it was still very good. Meena loved it and claimed it was exactly what she needed last night. Can't ask for much more than that.

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