On our way home last night we stopped by the Black Mountain Wine House again for a glass of wine and a nice snack. Honestly, our little white bean crostini was superb. Big plump white beans and a nice warm ricotta spread ... I want to try and make it soon.

Anyway, when we got home, I was faced with the challenge of cleaning out the fridge. I had made too much of several things earlier this week and I needed to use stuff or pitch it. Meena was kind enough to let me roll with it.

Our starter was:
- baguette
- green apple
- fontina cheese
- basil pesto
- chorizo
- pickled red onion

And our main course used the following:
- wasabi mashed potatoes
- bbq chicken
- chorizo
- cucumber and onion salad
- green apple
- bbq sauce

I mean ... it was OK. It worked. It wasn't anywhere near great. Or really even good. But all the flavors worked together and it was filling and we didn't have to waste all that stuff in the fridge. I guess that'll work for a Tuesday night.

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claudia said...

i really struggle with the whole waste/leftover thing. it's not easy to get through it all over here. not to mention the weekly csa veggies that i am forever giving away. but i do a pretty good job of making little lunches out of whatever. perhaps more than i need to eat though. but it's always so goooood. anyway - my pantry is outa control. so many amazing and expensive things that need to get used. i think i need to blog about this soon...